January 31, 2016

When you order food for delivery at a later time, it is important to understand if the time you schedule the food is the time they expect to hand it to you or the time the restaurant will have the order ready.

I also learned that people have a lot of opinions about what you should have done to get their dinner delivered on time, and that it is possible to take 20 minutes to drive the two miles between the restaurant and my house.

January 30, 2016

Most states, including Oregon and Washington, require that a corporation hold an annual meeting; the minutes of that meeting must be documented and kept available for certain people (including all shareholders and directors) but they do not need to be filed with their State offices.

There are a small handful of states that do not require meetings, these include Delaware and Nevada – two places you’ll see many corporations listed.

January 29, 2016

Today I learned that Hail Mary is usually capitalized.

Yesterday I told a co-worker he should capitalize the term, but then I realized I only believed it was a proper noun because it “felt” right. About 95% of my grammar, spelling, and punctuation is done by how it feels or sounds to me, so this isn’t unusual but if I’m going to correct people I should be sure! So today I looked it up.

Liturgical printing style guides have it capitalized, as did 9 out of 10 dictionaries I checked.