3/13/16 The word catholic (not Catholic) can be used to describe someone who’s taste are diverse, broad-based, liberal, eclectic, and a few more synonyms.

I expect I’ve heard catholic used this way before, but haven’t seen it in print so it didn’t stand-out. Today I looked it up after reading the obituary of Michael White, and now I know.

Michael White, a Scottish-born theater and movie producer whose catholic but often risqué taste and devil-may-care attitude helped bring to life “The Rocky Horror Show,” “Oh! Calcutta!” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” died on Monday. He was 80.



Autobiography vs. Memoir

3/8/16 An autobiography is the story one tells about their life, in chronological order, without hyperbole or conversations that are far too detailed to really be remembered so many years later. Generally, an autobiography is written by someone who is already well-known, with enough name recognition that people will want to read it because of who they are.

A memoir tells a story from someone’s life, with a bit of license to quote conversations or share recollections that the writer can only think they remember accurately. Generally a memoir has a bit more self-revelation, and is often written by someone who isn’t well known (of course, the memoir might change that) and it is the story, rather than the person, that leads people to read it.

January 29, 2016

Today I learned that Hail Mary is usually capitalized.

Yesterday I told a co-worker he should capitalize the term, but then I realized I only believed it was a proper noun because it “felt” right. About 95% of my grammar, spelling, and punctuation is done by how it feels or sounds to me, so this isn’t unusual but if I’m going to correct people I should be sure! So today I looked it up.

Liturgical printing style guides have it capitalized, as did 9 out of 10 dictionaries I checked.